13 Gründe für Unimate

13 reasons for Unimate

Yerba Mate, a key ingredient in Unimate, is naturally rich in caffeine, antioxidants, saponins and other nutrients and has been drunk for its many benefits for centuries. The proprietary yerba mate extra in Unimate amplifies these benefits and comes in three delicious flavors as a bonus.

Unimate is the perfect energy boost for pretty much all lifetimes. Here are a few reasons why you should always have Unimate with you.

1. First thing in the morning

With Unimate you create the basis for a great day. Yerba mate has long been known to support mood, mental stamina, and focus. Is there anything better than Unimate to start a successful day?

2. Before training

"I would exercise more if I could motivate myself." Sounds familiar? Unimate can help you with this - let yourself be motivated and do your training!

3. Before (or during) a meeting

Do you sometimes feel drained after a long meeting? That's because meetings are fueled by human energy. The longer the meeting lasts, the more energy is used, leaving little for all other tasks of the day. Drink Unimate before the meeting to keep you focused and awake and have enough energy afterwards to finish your to-do list.

4. When preparing for exams

Preparation is everything! Give your brain a little extra support before each lesson so that your hard work really pays off and you retain what you have learned afterwards.

5. As an afternoon pick-me-up

You know that: After lunch you are pleasantly full and your eyelids get heavy. Instead of giving in or struggling with the afternoon slump, Unimate can give you a mental boost and motivate you. You'll soon find that afternoons can be enjoyed instead of just sticking through them.

6. When the weather bothers you

Whether it's sweltering hot outside or cold and blustery, Unimate can banish weather-related bad moods. Whether it's ice-cold or steaming hot, Unimate lifts the spirits.

7. When you're mentally exhausted

Burnout is real - if you push yourself too hard for too long, it takes its toll. Instead of just holding out somehow, take a break, make yourself a cup of Unimate, and use it to relieve your mental fatigue. Sometimes we just need a little help to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

8. When you have to hold out a little longer

Intermittent fasting helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels and supports weight management. But many find it difficult to fast while awake, especially if they're already low on energy. The good news: Unimate does not interrupt the fasting period! If something is too good to be true, it usually is, but not with Unimate. Unimate contains no added sugar, making it the perfect morning drink before you eat your first meal. It provides you with energy so that you can stick to your fasting plan more easily.

9. When the household calls for you

Laundry, dishes, the children's chaos - the housework never ends. With its positive effect on mood and mental focus, Unimate can give you the momentum you need to get the job done and then have enough energy to do what you want to do.

10. When you're on the go

The great thing about Unimate is that all you have to do is open the packet and mix it with water - done! The individual sachets are easy to take with you when you go shopping or travel.

11. Combined with other Unicity products

Unicity has a lot of great products, so why stop at Unimate? Blend with Bone Fortify, Vanilla Complete, Oasis, or ProBionic Plus for even more nutrients and benefits (and even more flavor!).

12. Instead of an energy drink or a cup of coffee

Many people make a habit of reaching for a sugary energy drink or a cup of coffee during a slump in form. Next time, try Unimate instead for a more sustained energy boost—without the energy dip that awaits you after a commercial energy drink. Unimate is also sugar-free and contains up to ten times more chlorogenic acids (the feel-good component) than a cup of premium coffee.

13. When you need to be at your best

Do you have an important job interview coming up? Do you have a big presentation to give? Are you hosting a party? Drink Unimate beforehand so you can be at your best.

With chlorogenic acid, theobromine and natural caffeine content, Unimate fits into your life whenever you need it. Visit the Unicity Shop and try it yourself!

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