Nebenwirkungen Unicity Feel Great System / Unicity Balance ? Das sind die Ursachen!

Side effects Unicity Feel Great System / Unicity Balance? These are the causes!

Unicity Balance, a product from the Feel Great System: Is it supposed to support a healthy intestine? Exactly. A fiber matrix to help with weight management? Exactly.

The effect makes it easy to get involved with Unicity Balance. But some of us have digestive problems at first. Let's explain why this is, how long these side effects last (yes, they are temporary!) and why taking Balance is still the right decision.

What is Unicity Balance?

First, some background information about balance. Unicity Balance is drunk before a meal and offers a patented fiber matrix with bioactive plant substances, polysaccharides and micronutrients. The fiber matrix helps to promote healthy digestion and support feelings of satiety. Balance contains important vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber that support weight management.

Unicity Balance is ideal for anyone who wants to eat more fiber (which most of us should - more on that later) and for those looking for weight management support. It is also a helpful tool for anyone using 16:8 intermittent fasting or another time-based eating method.

This is how Unicity Balance works

Balance contains viscous, soluble fiber. This fiber combines with water and forms a thick gel as it travels through the digestive tract. The gel-like consistency helps your stomach empty more slowly, keeping you fuller for longer.

About fiber

If you've been paying attention, you've probably noticed a recurring theme: fiber. Fiber is best known for supporting digestive health, but it also supports heart health and much more - it's basically a superfood. Fiber is behind many of Balance's benefits. They are also the reason for possible side effects.

But why does something that is so good for us cause such unpleasant symptoms?

The short answer: We don't eat enough fiber and often that's not even our fault. Most processed foods barely contain any fiber anymore, and even whole foods are no longer as high in fiber as they once were because the foods farmed and grown today prioritize taste over nutritional value.

If you suddenly eat a higher-fiber diet, it's only natural that your body will first have to adapt. Just as a new workout routine can cause sore muscles, gastrointestinal distress from increased fiber means your body is adjusting to something new - and getting stronger in the process.

Possible side effects of Unicity Balance / Feel Great System

More fiber, whether through balance or more vegetables, can cause bloating, indigestion and/or other gastrointestinal distress in some people. Flatulence occurs when fiber is fermented by bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract. This is completely normal and just means your body is getting used to the increased amount of fiber.

This is how long the side effects of Unicity Balance last

These symptoms should subside after 2-3 weeks once your body and intestinal flora have adjusted. To relieve the symptoms, you can take half a pack of Balance in the first one to two weeks. If you continue to have symptoms, contact your doctor.

Should you still take Unicity Balance?

Absolutely! Balance is suitable for healthy adults who want to care for their digestion and metabolism. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before taking Balance, as should anyone who wants to change their diet.

Balance supports your body behind the scenes so that everything is well cared for and functions smoothly. Possible side effects are only temporary - then you will notice how positive the additional fiber, vitamins and minerals in your diet have a positive effect. So keep using Unicity Balance – your body will thank you later.

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