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Unicity Super Green Plus

Anyone who wants to stay fit relies on green energy! If you are mindful of your nutrient intake when eating and drinking, Unicity Super Green+ is the healthy and tasty solution.

The unique blend of high-quality superfoods such as spirulina and mulberry provides your body with high-quality chlorophyll and other valuable nutrients. To support energy metabolism and general well-being with Unicity Super Green+.

The previous very successful & highly effective Unicity Super Green has been improved once again. Unicity relies on chlorophyll from mulberry leaves in the new Unicity SuperGreen Plus, instead of chlorophyll from alfalfa, as Unicity scientists have discovered that mulberry leaves are superior to alfalfa leaves. In addition, the alga Spirulina is used. The new product Unicity Super Green Plus was able to become even more effective.


Mix one scoop (1.5 g) with approx. 200 ml still water or a drink of your choice, shake well and drink.

A tip: Mix 1 to 2 liters of still water with 3 scoops of Unicity Super Green+ in the morning. Then shake vigorously and drink throughout the day until the evening. Super Green + is also very suitable for mixing with other products, eg Matcha Focus.

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